Reader Works is no longer available!!!!!

Late last week, I installed Outlook 2007 and Word 2007 chiefly because I wanted full OneNote 2007 functionality, which I got. Outlook and OneNote synchronize tasks with each other, and Word 2007 does have some nice features such as the ability to post to my blog from within the program. However, Word 2007 has one major drawback. It is an important one if you have learning disabilities similar to the ones I detailed in the article: Proofreading and Learning Disability: Microsoft Reader as a Proofreading Tool, the drawback is the
add-in: Read in Microsoft Reader does not work. Not even if the Word file is saved in the .doc format. When I attempted to create an ebook file, I received the following error message:

I had never received this error message in Word XP, and after searching and finding no solution on the net I remembered, there is a solution to the problem. Last year when I upgraded from Windows XP to Vista, I had a similar problem. That problem forced me to look for an alternative program with which to create ebook files (I detailed the problem in
Windows Vista Update). Reader Works is the free standalone program I found. Reader Works also solved this problem with only a minor adjustment on the part of the user, the Word document must be saved in the .doc format. The program does not support the .docx format.