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Many years ago, I created a website; Over time, it has grown and become more sophisticated.

It is showcases a variety of content my Résumé, Teaching Portfolio, Research Papers, Graduate Work, Articles, and other interests. Many times I have tried to generate some income either by selling directly to users or through affiliate programs with marginal or no success. My latest effort is an Amazon aStore. Basically its products I choose to sell from Amazon, and if you buy from my pages, I get a percentage. You can also search for anything you want from my pages even if it is not on my pages, and buy it. I still get a percentage. In essence, this is a plea to for traffic to my store. Hopefully, this will also generate some income. Click on the above link and shop. It is greatly appreciated


My Photo Blog

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Photographs taken with my LG phone

Some are new and other old… Enjoy

Telemarketing, Not on My Cell Phone!

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Starting December 1, 2009 all cell phone numbers in the United States will be released to telemarketing companies. Cell phone customers will be charged for these calls! To prevent telemarketers from calling your cell phone, register your cell phone number on the national do not call list: 888-382-1222.


Spell Check Does Not Work in Office 2007—A Fix


Last weekend while working on a particularly important paper, Office 2007 spell check stopped working. After repairing and reinstalling Word 2007, and still not solving the problem. I search for a solution and found the following:

1. Go to start menu|Run

2. Click OK, then the following will appear

3. Backup the registry: file|export
Exported to a folder that is easy to locate and save backup with the date in the file name

4. Make your way down until you see the following at the bottom of the window:

5. There should be at least two files in the folder in addition to the default shown. Delete all files except the default, which cannot be deleted

6. Close the window and restart the computer

7. Office spell check should work.


Life on Mars? Well, water anyway…

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Clearly from this evidence, there was water on Mars. But does frozen water mean life?

Beware High-School Students Bearing Gifts

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I found the following by accident, it is disturbing:

Thankfully, this has never happened to me. What kind of a system is it when high-school teachers have to take gifts they received to a lab for forensic analysis before they can accept them?


Thinking of going green?

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Here is an interesting item about the use and conservation of energy. ( In this particular case, a “green overhaul” resulted in the use of about twice as much energy.


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