Keegan’s Stuff: My Amazon Store

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Many years ago, I created a website; Over time, it has grown and become more sophisticated.

It is showcases a variety of content my Résumé, Teaching Portfolio, Research Papers, Graduate Work, Articles, and other interests. Many times I have tried to generate some income either by selling directly to users or through affiliate programs with marginal or no success. My latest effort is an Amazon aStore. Basically its products I choose to sell from Amazon, and if you buy from my pages, I get a percentage. You can also search for anything you want from my pages even if it is not on my pages, and buy it. I still get a percentage. In essence, this is a plea to for traffic to my store. Hopefully, this will also generate some income. Click on the above link and shop. It is greatly appreciated


Updating my website so it is standards based

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Recently, I upgraded from Microsoft frontpage to Microsoft Expression Web. Aside from the time consuming process of removing useless code from the pages, there is the added complication of trying to comply with W3C standards. Consider the following, Yesterday, I completed The Prisoner Page. Instead of using tables, I used the <div> tag to format page content. During the process one thing became abundantly clear, I do not understand how to use the <div> tag. I have read it should be used instead of tables because tables add extra code to a page. Additionally, tables can only be used for spreadsheet-like data and not for page layout.

That is all well and good; however, setting up <div> tags is time consuming and frustrating at best, at worst the formatting doesn’t work, and the page looks like shit. Furthermore, tables in and of themselves do not add unneeded code to a page when used in combination with separate cascading style sheets. On the contrary, tables are a quick way to ensure accurate formatting. I have read nothing yet that has convinced me otherwise.