ADA Visitor Registration Update…

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It only took 6 days to update my Septa visitors status. Using a fax machine is the best way to go even if you don’t have one. The things I will do to visit a friend at the mall…

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After receiving my master’s degree, I decided to take some time off. Since April, I have spent more or less four days a week taking care of my five-year-old nephew Jack. Having cerebral palsy meant that I would take my powerchair to his apartment at 7:00 AM, and return sometime around 5:00 PM. Some weeks ago, near the end of June, Jack moved to a condominium complex, which is still within the range of my chair. However, the complex does not have wheelchair access to the courtyard where Jack’s condominium is located and there is no other way for me to access the condominium. The complex does have handicap parking spaces, but no wheelchair ramps.

This situation raised two questions:

  1. What is the point of having handicap parking spaces when the parking lot does not have wheelchair ramps?
  2. Does a condominium complex that has handicap parking spaces have to provide wheel chair ramps as well?

Condominium management has provided me a wooden ramp, which is just wide enough for my chair but it only gives me a temporary access. That is, my niece, Jack’s mother, has to store the ramp, and put it in place every time I arrive and leave. Management has said they will do what they can; I will check back with them this week. This situation reminds me that I do not know as much about the Americans with Disabilities Act and general disability law as I should. I need legal counsel; but where do I find it and will I be able to afford it?