This week, I decided to use my website,, to make some extra money. For the last eleven years, my graduate research papers and, recently, my master’s work have been freely available for download in PDF format. Much of my work was downloaded consistently. Many of my papers were downloaded over sixty times in a week over several months. With that amount of interest, I thought if I charged a reasonable price, people would pay it. I set up a PayPal account, designed a new webpages to sell my work in PDF format, and charged $2.00 per PDF. My most popular paper during the free download period was Cholera: The Work of William Farr and John Snow, so it is the first item offered in pay per download. The second item is a project Decolonization and Indo-China. For $2.00 customers receive by email a zip file containing PDF of the paper, the in-class PowerPoint presentation, and the presentation handout. Neither item has sold yet.

Graduate level papers are not going to sell like hotcakes, but based on available data, I hoped to make at least one sale week. Is there anything I can do to improve my chances?